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"Miracle Of Love" | 1+

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Поёт гармонь. Miracle Of Love


"Miracle Of Love"

▲ Текст

Someone took the colour of the rainbow.
When the golden sun was breaking through.
Took the blossom of a rose shimmering with dew,
Then they made a miracle of you.

                   *   *   *

Some took the tenderness of moonlight,
As the shadows change the sky of blue.
Took the shine of nightingale,
Then they made a miracle ofyou.

                   *   *   *

Now I know the reason,
True love can mean just anything.
Love makes every season,
As warm and wonderful as you.

                   *   *   *

And beyond the dreams of any mortals,
You are far too lovely to be true.
And I know forever all I ever want to do,
Is to love the miracle of you.


"В краю далёком". Виталий Дружинин

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